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I started Topaz Counselling and Wellbeing to provide a counselling service for the community. Topaz is a crystal which symbolises many healing properties. These include promoting communication, emotional healing and self-reflection, all of which is at the heart of counselling.

I have first hand experience of the difficulties that life can throw at us and how counselling can help you to accept the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future. This is why I chose this career in order to help other people achieve the benefits that I have. 

With my work as a Counsellor I have supported clients in various settings including schools, community centres, and women-only services. I have worked extensively with young people, those experiencing domestic abuse, self-harm and depression, as well as rehabilitation work with offenders in the London Probation Service.

I have managed counselling services for homeless and bereavement organisations.

I provide a non-judgemental and safe space for all of my clients to explore whatever they choose. This allows people to find your own tools to guide you forward and achieve your desired goals.

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Sharmayne Cassius
Director and Clinical Lead

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